Almost immortal animals

Would it be boring if we could live forever?  Many people think about that and ask themselves because eternity even though attractive might not be the best choice. 
Unlike cats, dogs, and other animals, there are those who don’t live forever but are very close to it. 

Jellyfish is one of them. There is tiny specie called Turritopsis doohmii and scientists call her immortal jellyfish. This jellyfish has found the way to beat death. What is interesting about her is that she grows old but in a different way – backwards. If someone hurts her or she gets sick she will find a way to transform her cells and eventually she will grow again.

We all know that turtles are one of the oldest animals in the world. Some of them can live for centuries. Scientists have discovered that turtles don’t actually grow old and that their organs don’t fail like with any other living creatures.

The cause of their death is not age, but sickness and predator killings. If they could stay away from them, they would be able to live forever.
Even though they are not officially immortal, whales from Greenland are one of the oldest mammals in the world. One of them had 211 years when he died, and he was the oldest whale in the world. Some of them can live up to seventy years and even more.

Then we have lobsters that usually die from illness not from old age. Maybe you didn’t know but they keep on multiplying and growing until they die. 


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