Alpaca is The Fleecy Cute Animals From Andes

An Alpaca is a camelid, which is widely domesticated. They are scientifically termed as Vicugna pacos. They are generally kept in herds for commercial purposes. These animals are found in farms of the Andes Mountains in South America, which occupies the northern areas of Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile along with the southern part of Peru. The attitude of their dwelling is generally 3500 m to 5000m above the mean sea level all the year round. There are two breeds of Alpaca: Suri and Huacaya.

A full-grown Alpaca is usually 81cm to 99cm long along the withers with a weight ranging from 48 to 84 kilos. They are usually found in herds and have nice fleece. They have some habits, which make them strange like spitting consisting majorly of air and green & grassy stomach acid. They are quite hygiene freak as they have a community dung pile where they do not graze. Another peculiar feature is the variety of sounds they make like the shrieking whine when they are scared, the friendly cluck, and the regular hum on being content or a male screaming a warbling when faced with a potential opponent.

These animals are typically grazing farm animals who survive on hay and grass. However, alpacas are allergic to some plants like castor beans, foliage of orange trees, buttercups, oleander, some variety of azaleas, etc. The alpacas are bred for their fleece and meat. The Alpaca fleece is very similar to wool and is widely used for waving warm clothes.


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