Animal Cruelty An Inhuman Behavior

Cruelty to animal is called animal abuse. The humans harm animals sometime for their food or sometime for their passion. Any how they were abused and neglected by population. Humans slaughter animals for personal amusement is said to cruelty to animals. Even animals are slaughtered for clothing and for some valuable products. But some law prohibited killing animal for food, clothing or other products but law concern that you can keep animals for entertainment, education, research or as pet.
The cruelty towards animals can be discussed in some conceptual approaches:
•    There is nothing wrong to use animals for various purposes like food, clothing, entertainment and research. But this must be minimized to avoid giving unnecessary pain and harm to animals. You must behave humanly even towards animals.
•     Animals must be given such rights as you get to survive. There must have some basic rights to protect animals.
•    The only way to protect animals is to end their status as property and it must be ensure that animals would never used as commodities.
Some debated acts on animal’s cruelty:
•    Millions of animals were killed every year for their fur. Fur trade has gather much protest from campaigners for the inhumane way for the animals are reared and killed.
•    Millions of animals worldwide were used for testing for some medical treatment for humans. But why not this treatment is done on human. Animals are also used to make medicine. Animals like bear, tiger, leopard, etc were killed to make medicine.




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