Berlin's Popular Cub Alisha finds new home in Eberswalde

Alisha, a famous furry offspring in Berlin, will be bidding Germany’s capital city as it has found a new home in Eberswalde Zoo. Born on 10th December 2014, Alisha, 3-month-old, is an Amur tiger which belongs to one of the world most endangered species and the government in Germany through the country’s wildlife services are working on ensuring that the cub is protected and will one day grow up to be a full grown tiger.

Immediately after he was born, Alisha came face to face with crisis. After giving birth to Alisha, her mother was unable produce milk for the three month old baby Amur tiger and as a result Alisha spent most of her three months being fed milk from a bottle.

Alisha will be meeting up with a 10 kilo cub in Eberswalde that goes by the name Dragan who also just like Alisha was fed milk via a bottle given the fact that his mother was also unable to produce milk. Dragan was born in October 7th 2014.

The two tigers, Alisha and Dragan will spend the first two nights at the Zoo sleeping in separate compartments, after which the will be introduced to one another slowly under the supervision of the Zoo keepers.
For those who will be visiting the Zoo, you will have an opportunity to see the two cubs together for the first time starting Wednesday this week.

This marks the second time that a beloved animal in the country’s capital has found another place to call home. Earlier in the year a baby orangutan Rieke was moved from the Zoo in Berlin to Monkey World in the U.K.


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