Caring for a guinea pig

If you are either toying with the idea of getting a pet guinea pig or already have one and are trying to learn how to care for it, then this is the article for you.

When it comes to caring for your guinea pig, there are a few basic-care aspects that absolutely cannot be ignored.

  • If you are allergic to guinea pigs or hay, regardless of whether they are furry or hairless, you will be allergic to both because it’s in their dander, in their proteins and in their saliva. So unless you are absolutely sure that you can handle your potential reactions due to your condition, you may want to reconsider having one.
  • Guinea pigs crave company and must always be kept in pairs or more. If you are only interested in or capable of getting just one, then a guinea pig may not be for you. They are used to having a companion in the wild.
  • For two pigs, the minimum cage size requirements is 28x56 inches. You can find one at Walmart or any pet store. It would be best to keep the cage on a table or shelf so that they are inaccessible to other pets and so they are not face-to-fact with your feet.
  • Guinea pigs need regular visits to a trusted and a specialized vet – not the regular cat and dog kind. As animals get older, even they face medical problems as humans do. Eye-pokes from the hay is common and are painful. The guinea pigs will need medication to heal.

Don’t get a guinea pig because you want them; get them because you want to love them and take care of them unconditionally. If we are going to take on the responsibility of having a pet, we must meet all of their basic needs. 

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