Chimpanzees Are Our Nearest Relations As Far As Genetic Makeup Is Concerned

Chimpanzees are one of the closest relations of humans on earth. We have as much as 98 per cent similarity in our genetic make-up. Chimpanzees are believed to be the most intelligent beings on earth after mankind. They can feel and probably also express emotions as well as humans can.

They are primarily found in the jungles of western and central Africa. They have the uncanny ability to use and make tools for making their lives a bit better just as humans do. The two different species of chimpanzees on earth today are the Common Chimpanzee and Pygmy chimpanzee. They live on trees, and with consistent deforestation by humans, their habitats are threatened. Their flesh is often prized as bush meat. So, they inch towards extinction.

Except for their faces and their palms, body hair is abundant in case of chimpanzees. The soles of their feet also remain bereft of body hair. The hair shields them from extreme cold and hot weather in which they find themselves while roaming around in the rain forests. It also acts as a shield against the sun's rays and radiation.

The  parts of the bodies bereft of bodily hair are light brown and dark brown in color. A lot of the hue depends on the age of the chimpanzee. Their large ears give them excellent powers of hearing. They are able to distinguish between colors, and have an excellent eyesight. Their eyes are forward facing in their faces. This makes it easier for them to focus on objects before them.



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