Discover The Zeal Of Being In New Zealand As You Learn Something About Kiwis

Kiwis are small flightless birds found in the jungles of New Zealand. Kiwis have become synonymous with the whole of New Zealand. The kiwi population is constantly dwindling because of attacks on it by predators like dogs, cats and rats. These animals eat the eggs of the kiwi.  These have been introduced into the ecosystem by man, and were not present naturally . They have brought down the number of kiwis in the nation to only about 200.

Several organizations have pitched in their efforts for the conservation of these birds. The Bank of New Zealand runs the largest of these conservation projects aimed at protecting kiwis.

Kiwis have typically long beaks that extend to almost one-third of their entire bodies. Kiwis put the long beaks into use when it comes to rummaging in the ground among thick vegetation for food. Their food is mostly worms and insects it can find among the foliage. It also finds spiders a taaty meal. Fruits and berries that have fallen off trees also find themselves in hte stomachs of kiwis.

Female kiwis are larger in size than the males. The couples are loyal to each other when they mate. The partnership is believed to be a long one. Kiwis love to move from one place to another. They are known to dig a new burrow each day in which they spend the night. They move on to another location to dig another burrow for another night. This happens throughout the year except when the female kiwi is about to lay its eggs. Female members lay about five eggs at a time. It takes around three months for the baby kiwis to finally emerge from the eggs. It is usually the Males who incubate the eggs.



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