Do Think Of Whales When You Think Of Size

When you are thinking of size, you can't help thinking of whales. They are the largest mammals found on earth. They are known to be 30m long weighing 180 tonnes, but you are sure to get to know of whales that are 3.5m long. Their huge sizes are believed to have given way to a lot of myths about them while they are even worshipped in some countries like Ghana and Vietnam. Whales are known to be found in all the oceans of the world, although their numbers are believed to be dwindling down.

Whale hunting was done on a large scale in the 17th century. It went on till 1986 till a ban was implemented on hunting whales. Being aquatic mammals, whales breathe in oxygen and let out carbon-dioxide. The fountain typically associated  with whales is the condensation of water vapors around them while they exhale stale and used air. They bring up their young ones while nursing and caring for them. They are fed on the milk from the mammary glands found in female whales.

Whales have a rich reserve of blubber beneath their skin which serves to insulate the body against extreme cold conditions. It is also known to store energy. Like other mammals, whales also have a four chambered heart.

Some whales are known to sleep while a side of their brain remains active. This way, they can swim, breathe and keep away from predators while sleeping. 

Some species of whales are known to have a long life, like the humpback whales. They can live for as long as 77 years. There are suggestions of a lifespan extending between 115 and 130 years in the case of whales.


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