Eagles Are The Best Symbols Of Power And Might Ever Used By Man

Eagles are some of the most amazing birds of prey that exist today. They are revered as symbols of power and energy. They are often depicted in pictures as combating serpents, which are symbols of the devil. Almost all of the 60 species live in the area of Eurasia and Africa. Besides this, two species thrive in North America, nine of them live in Central and South America while only three are found in Australia.

Eagles compete with other birds of prey in terms of size. They are of a heavier build  and have a much more powerful beak as compared to other birds of prey like vultures. They are best known for their extraordinary vision. They are much more sensitive to color perception than humans because of the presence of more light sensitive cells in their retina. They enable them to see five basic colors as opposed to the ability to see just three in humans. An eagle is supposed to have the sharpest vision in the animal kingdom.

In the normal course, eagles lay just two eggs. When they hatch, the older and larger sibling kills the younger one. Adult eagles never interfere in this. Eagles are able to catch and carry preys like monkeys and deer over long distances thanks to their big and sharp talons.  Though most eagles are carnivorous and thrive on meat, yet the African Vulturine Fish Eagle is herbivorous. Its diet is oil palm fruits. Eagles are known to have strong and powerful wings. Golden eagle can fly over an area of 100 square miles.


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