Hairy crab in the Antarctica gets official name

The Earth is the only planet we know which hosts life so far. The large variety of flora and fauna on the planet amazes us. There are still many undiscovered species here and they are often found at many unimaginable places. The Antarctic oceans have been hosting a hairy crab popularly known as ‘the Hoff’ since long time. The scientists have now officially recognized the species. 

The description and official name has been awarded too. Large populations of these crabs live around hot vents at the sea floor. The official name of this hairy crab is Kiwa tyleri.  Southampton University’s Deep ocean biologist Paul Tyler has been honored by this name. The British scientist has worked in the polar region’s ecology. The research paper published in the One Journal said that this crab hosts bacteria on its body to survive. 

Dr Sven Thatje informed the press that Crab’s belly is full of hairs which brush up all the bacteria and hosts them inside on large-scale. The creature was US actor David Hasselhoff, known for his bare-chested look. This humorous name would be always associated with this exotic crab. Scientific community is more curious about this crab due to its deep-sea survival. 
More research on the crab will shed light on how life evolves in deep seas and more life forms based on energy sources other than the sun.  The animal survives in a comfort zone surrounded my most hostile environment on the planet. The researcher found this crab at the depth of 2,000 meters near Southern Ocean’s East Scotia Ridge. 


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