Hermit Crabs Roam Around On Ocean Beds With Borrowed Shells On Their Backs

Ocean waters all over the world are known to be home to hermit crabs. It belongs to a larger family of invertebrate animals called crustaceans. There are about 500 species of hermit crabs in the oceans all over the world. Lobsters and shrimps fall in the same family of largely aquatic animals. Hermit crabs live in coastal regions where they are more likely to find food in abundance.

Hermit crabs are known to borrow shells from other animals and carry  them on their backs. It shields the softer part of their bodies from attacks and damage. They keep changing their shells as their body size increases over time, and they grow out of their shells. Hermit crabs can retract into these shells if it perceives a threat from a predator or any other source.

They are known to eat almost anything they find around themselves particularly small invertebrates like insects and worms. They also love eating small fish along with planktons and other small food items found in water.

Predators of hermit crabs include sharks, fishes and octopuses. Waters around the oceans are also known to have cuttlefishes and squids that find hermit crabs quite a delicious delicacy. To protect themselves from these attacks, hermit crabs are known to hide among sea anemones.

Female members of the species carry eggs in large numbers around their abdomens. It takes only a few weeks for the larvae to escape into the oceans where the adult hermit crabs evolve out of the larvae.

All crustaceans including hermit crabs have two pairs of appendages sticking out from the frontal part of their bodies.



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