How to help stop animal cruelty

There are many things that must be reported if spotted, such as limping animals, extremely thin, starving ones, someone physically abusing an animal, hurt animals that have been hit by a car or other vehicle. Also, dogs kept outside without shelter or chained in a yard, without food or water.

The things you must do if you have been a witness to one of these cruelties imply calling for help and letting the authorities know what had happened. Ever state and every town has different laws and regulations, so is better to firstly research them. There are surely phone lines available to call at any hour. Get to know and look for the way the animals in your neighborhood are treated like. If you are aware of all the laws, it will be easier for you to spot them.

Do not hesitate to call. As you might be one of the very few people actually doing something to protect animals, your call is crucial to the animal’s life. Since the next generation represents the future, try talking to your kids or – if you have none – to the kids in your neighborhood about animals’ rights and what they can do in order to stop cruelty take place.

There is for sure a local shelter in your area. You could try volunteer there or just help the animals be adopted. As many people are looking to get a pet, the information that they could save a life by getting one from a shelter could come in handy.   


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