How to take good care of a dog

There is no disputing the fact that Americans are generally fond of their dogs. However some people seem to lack ideas on how to care for a pet without pampering it. Pets just like people need to be taken care of in order to have a balanced life. One way of indulging a dog is by showing it affection by treating it kindly and even playing with it.

Another way of caring for a dog is by feeding it well. Dogs need to have a balanced diet in order to stay healthy and fight diseases. They also need adequate and clean drinking water. It is not advisable to give chocolates to dogs because they contain caffeine which affects a dog’s heart beat.
Veterinary doctors have recommended that dogs should have a microchip inserted in their skins so that they can be traced if they get lost. Such a microchip should contain information about the dog owner and his or her contact information.

One other method of caring for a dog is by taking it out for a walk regularly. Physical exercise is vital for the health of a pet. It is important to use a leash during such walks to prevent the dog from attacking pedestrians.

Perhaps the most important way of caring for a dog is by maintaining high standards of hygiene for the pet and its environment. These easy to follow tips if implemented will make any dog healthy and happy.  



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