Knowing The Angora Rabbits More

While wondering about one of the strangest animals in the world, you might come across the name of Angora Rabbit. It is considered to be a domestic rabbit, but also a strange from the typical breed of rabbit. It has long and soft hair and is the oldest types of domestic rabbits. The place of origin of these rabbits is Ankara in Turkey. It is said to have originated in Angora cat and Angora goat. These were popular pets in France in the 1770s and spread rapidly to other parts of Europe.

They are bred with their long wool that is mainly removed by shearing. The main reason for breeding these rabbits is for the wool. The wool is soft and silky. They are docile and calm, but it is important to handle them carefully. The fiber should be prevented from matting and hence proper grooming is essential. They are often prone to a condition called wool block and it requires immediate treatment.

They feed on abundant hay like any other rabbits. The fiber that they get from hay prevents the condition of wool block. Apart from that, there are some other conditions that might cause wool block and treating them properly can cure the condition. There are five different breeds in these rabbits namely German, French, Satin English and Giant. The giant is the largest of these breeds. They have small eyes and the color of the wool varies from one breed to another. The amount of wool produced by different breeds also varies.


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