Most Strangest Animals Alive On The Planet

Evolution has given us some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, and yet some of the animals manage to surprise us in more ways than one. Check these five funny and strange animals on the planet, which many people don’t know even existed.

Proboscis monkey

Native to Borneo in Asia, Proboscis monkeys are among the largest monkeys known and have a nose that is funny to say the least. The nose hangs like a bell, often below the mouth, making the appearance rather funny.


When a fish is named as the "World's Ugliest Animal", you have reasons to believe so. Blobfish are found in the deep ocean waters of Tasmania and Australia and usually look normal, unless they are fished out. The low density of the flesh makes them really ugly in the pictures.


With eyeballs as big as their head, you have reasons to check Tarsier, which happens to be native to Southeast Asia. Apart from appearing strange, these primates are great at leaping and use their unusual hands for sticking to the trees.

Angora Rabbit

Known for being pet of royal people, Angora Rabbit is a stunning domestic rabbit with beautiful wool. The strange wool is known to be better than cashmere, but importantly, this rabbit can be a real treat to the eyes.


Native to Madagascar, Aye-aye has an appearance that’s stranger than its name. Also known to be the largest nocturnal primate on the planet, aye-aye is currently endangered due to habitat loss and native superstitions that claim the animal to be evil.

What’s your pick?


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