Talk about a strange discovery.

Garry Warrick an Australian fisherman has just caught a weird fish which has two mouths in a lake in Australia.

“Imagine the surprise on my face when I realized that the fish had two mouths,” the bony bream told reporters after turning up his net while fishing in Lake Bonney which is in Riverland South Australia.

"Both mouths are actually joined together," the fisherman told ABC Australia. “The top one opens and closes but the bottom one looks permanently open. Other than that, it looks like a normal fish."

This is not the first strange fish that this fisherman has found, in his 30 years as a fisherman Garry has caught several fish which are deformed including one that had a dolphin-shaped head.

However this was the first time that the lad had caught a fish which had 2 mouths.

"I normally pack them for cray bait and fertilizer but this one I put in the freezer," he said.

"I hadn't really told anyone about it other than my wife, and she said you might as well put the photos online."

This discovery made by Garry follows two other strange discoveries that were made in Scotland and China. In both countries mutant pigs were born with penises on their heads.

This condition which is usually referred to as diprosopus usually involves an animal having more than one facial feature on its head. Although rare, diprosopus tend to happen and are usually as a result of conjoined twins.


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