Pink Fairy Armadillo is The Smallest Member of the Armadillo Family

A pink fairy armadillo or pichiciego is the tiniest species amongst armadillos. Scientifically it is called Chlamyphorus truncatus. The principal habitats of these creatures are the scrubby grasslands, sandy dunes and plains of central Argentina. They are subterranean by nature and are easily disturbed by changes in climate and environment. Therefore, they are usually found in undisturbed places, which tend to have enough quantity of compact sands. The pink fairy armadillo is essentially a mammal and covered in fur.

The creature is only 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches long and weighs just about 120grams. They are characterized by whitish yellow silky fur and tiny eyes. Like other armadillos, they also have a dorsal shell. However, unlike the others their dorsal shell is flexible and is fixed to the body with the help of a fine dorsal membrane. It has also a tail, which is spatula-shaped protruding from the blunt back of the shell. The blood vessels of the animal are visible from their dorsal shell giving it a shade of pink and hence the name.

These animals are usually insectivorous with the secondary choice of leaves and roots as food. Pt Since these animals cannot easily adapt to rapid climatic changes they are often exposed to the risk of hypothermia in case there is rain and their fur gets wet. Moreover, they are also threatened by domestic animals like cats and dogs that prey upon them. The IUCN Red List had tagged them to be near threatened but changed to data deficient due to lack of research information.


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