Pole Dancing Is an Excellent Way to Exercise and Lose Weight

Pole dancing has increasingly become a more popular health and wellness program, especially among women. And why not? In a single class session, it is possible to burn as many as 250 calories, which is likely just as many calories as you would burn in a single gym session.

Pole dancing isn't just all cardiovascular. Instead, it's a mix of both cardiovascular and weight training. Not only do dancers pull off some special moves, they also learn how to support the weight of their entire body using just one arm, something that is not possible without proper training and building both arm strength and core muscle strength first.

The combination of cardiovascular training, strength training, as well as endurance and flexibility makes pole dancing an extremely attractive fitness option. 

Pole dancing is also very effective for individuals who want to improve their flexibility. Where once you could not bend and touch your toes, you'll be pulling off splits and backends after dedicating hours of your time to a couple of sessions. Because it is a form of exercise and a unique one at that, it releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone partly responsible for making you feel happy. Give or take a few sessions and not only will you be healthier, you'll also look much younger and even more attractive because of your more positive disposition.

Pole dancing is a complete workout that women should try. It's an excellent way to lose a few pounds or so, build upper body and core strength and tone the muscles, as well as boost your confidence. For those with partners or spouses, practicing pole dancing can lead to an improved sex life, which comes with its own set of benefits that can only make your life much better.


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