Quick List Of Most Ugly Animal Species

Alright, we all love animals, and yet, a few species are not particularly pleasing to the eye. Check some of the ugliest looking strange animals on the planet, which truly prove that evolution was probably sleeping.

This is one name that you will find in almost every list of ugly animals. Living deep in the ocean, Blobfish appears like slime, making it appear really horrible. Scientifically, their bodies are designed this way that they can handle the deep ocean pressures.

Goblin shark
Sharks cannot be called pretty for sure, but the Goblin shark is a rare species that looks unexpectedly ugly. The pink-skinned species has very unique snout, which makes it look rather unlikable. However, don’t be scared in ocean because these sharks live in deep oceans and are hardly seen.

Chinese Crested dogs
Many people may disagree here, but you will be surprised that one Chinese Crested canine won the trophy for being the ugliest dog in the world. Usually with little or no hair on the body, the dog can look ugly when not groomed rightly.

Star Nosed Mole
How sad would it feel to have 22 tentacles shaped like a star on the nose? Well, not for the Star Nosed Mole, which happens have water-repellent fur and survives happily in parts of US and Canada. Nature created the species with such nose because it has poor vision, so the smell takes charge for picking food.

Among the other ugly animals you want to check now include Elephant seal, Aye-Aye, and Naked mole rat!

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