Songs Of A Koel Are The Best During Monsoon In North India

Singing birds are so common in the oriental world probably because of the oriental tradition of singing. Birds like the koel are known for the shrill and loud and yet sweet and melodious songs they song.

They are also referred to as nightangles in India. They are found to be vocal in nature between March and August, their mating season. They can give a variety of different calls with different meanings. These calls differ across different populations of koels.

 The most prominent and distinguishing feature of a koel is its crimson iris. Different species of the koel are differentiated by the difference in size and color. The monsoon season in north India between June and August is the best period when one could see the koel in its natural habitat.

The koel belongs to the cuckoo bird family. They are found in regions of Asia. But the Australian continent too has these birds in it, and so does the Pacific.  The bird often finds reference in poetry and prose because of its beautiful voice and good looks.

Their diet is mainly fruits and insects. They are even known to eat eggs of other birds. They are popular for making a different bird's nest as their own. The male has a tint of the blue color in a shade of black and a pale green beak. The female counterpart has an upper part brown in color, while the lower parts are white in color. The beaks may be green or olive in color.




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