Taking care of newly adopted dog

If you and your dog are new to this dog rescue or dog adoption then you must take best care of your puppy to make sure that his health is proper to ensure rewarding and long life. You dog definitely needs time to adjust to his new people and home. He left is home or kennel where there might be strange peoples noise. Now he has got a new place with new members and environment to get comfortable in. He must explore.
He wants to know more about his family and home. He may also do some naughty things chewing a few things. Keep an eye on him and remember this will happen for sure. It definitely common .
There are a few tips on how to get started
Has your dog been micro - chipped - This simple device will be injected under your dog's skins that helps to indentify your newly adopted dog incase if it gets lost.
Use id tag or soft collar - The Id should have a name and your contact details that will help if someone finds your dog somewhere unknown.  Many god owners who are careful finds that their pal gets out through a fence to play and get lost. Proper identification will help them to return home safe and quick.
Neuter or spay your puppy - Neutering or spaying is a basic method that will help your puppy live healthier and live longer. They have few behavioral issues like aggression.


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