The Beautifully Dangerous Royal Bengal Tiger.

If there is beauty then there can also be terror too, and if you want to experience the beauty and the terror then you should definitely experience the royal nature of the Royal Bengal tiger. This Royal Bengal tiger also has a scientific name too and the scientific name of this animal is Panthera tigris tigris. The important thing or fact that you should know is, this particular animal is the national animal of two countries and among them one country is India and the other is Bangladesh. But in spite of being full of royalty and terror, the Royal Bengal tiger could not control its decrease in the population. Due to the taxidermists and the poachers now it has become impossible to control the population of the Royal Bengal tiger. Till 2014 the number of tiger under this species that are found is approximately equal to 2,226.
The General Features Of The Royal Bengal Tiger.
There are some general features of these Bengal tigers which include things like; the weight of the tigers which is almost equal to a weight of around 325 kgs and this also include the length of the tiger and this almost equal to 320 cm.
These kinds of tigers are available in places like West Bengal, Assam, Bhutan and they are also available in Uttaranchal and at the same time these Royal Bengal tigers are also found in Nepal. Though the Sunderban Royal Bengal tigers do not have any verifiable weight; in scientific literature.




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