The great one-horned rhino in danger

According to the latest statistics, nine rhinos have been killed at Kaziranga National Park, Assam in northeastern  India.

The main reason behind the killings is increased poaching attempts in the region. The Kaziranga National Park, established in 1905, is known as a home to great one-horned rhinoceroses.  As per the latest data, the world heritage site has one-horned rhino population of 2,300. The national park administration is unable to stop frequent poaching incidents in its territory.

Local poachers are killing this endangered species for mere Rs.10, 000 to fulfill the demand in the international market. The horn and other product are believed to be priced at Rs.1,00,000 in the international market.

Seven rhinos were killed within the territory of the Kaziranga national park and the other two were hunted down at nearby districts of Sonitpur and Orange.

According to the International Union, for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), number of rhinos in the region were around 70,000 in the year of 1970. As per the latest 2015 survey by IUCN, the number is 29,000.

The great one-horned rhino is one of the five rhino species in the red list of threatened species created by IUCN. The organization has declared three species as ‘critically endangered’.

Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Environment, Government of India has assured central government’s support to reduce hunting activities. He further stressed the importance of local population in the conservation of endangered species. The minister also assured to identify the loopholes in the administration of the national park and the continuing fight against the greed of poachers.


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