The Most Aggressive Breed Of The Cattle Group.

The cattle group can be divided into three species and among these three species one of the most important species is the Bos taurus species. This species of cattle has both the sex and that is this has been divided into both male and female sex. And among the male sex the group that is most aggressive is the bull. The bulls are not only more aggressive than the female cattle under this species but at the same time they are also more muscular too. They too are as important as the cows in the dairy farming, and also they are also important in the beef market too. Not only the bulls have an economic importance but at the same time the bull is also culturally important too. But what are the other features of this animal? Well, here are the features for you.
The other features of the bulls.
Other than being more muscular and aggressive than their male counter parts the bulls also have bones that are thicker. Not only that they also have a muscular neck as well as large feet or you could also say larger feet too. The eyes of the bulls are protected with the ridges and the body on the hair is little shorter than those that are there on the body of a cow. Both the cows and the bulls have horns but the horns of the cows are little bigger than the horns of the bulls.




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