The pink fairy armadillo

When you read the name of this unusual animal you would think of a magical creature from a fairy-tale.

It does look strange, yet very interesting and in case you didn’t know this animal presents the smallest species of armadillo family.
You can mostly find in the central parts of Argentina and it often lives in the scrubby grasslands or sandy plains.
This tiny creature has small eyes and you can see something like a silky yellow-white fur and a dorsal shell that is attached to its tiny body.
When it comes to its food it mostly eats worms, insects and snails and sometimes it likes to eat different parts of the plant.

Sadly pink fairy armadillo is listed as endangered species and people still don’t know the status of this unusual animal.
Some reports say that this animal is endangered because of different predators such as cats and dogs and because a lot of farming activities are killing them.
These animals simply love to live in the wilderness which people do not understand, because there are many cases that have shown that when people tried to move them from their natural habitat to another place, they usually died a couple days after.

Still you can find cases where the pink fairy armadillo managed to survive in captivity for more than four years.
The pink fairy armadillo has reduced eyes and it relies mostly on the hearing and touch when it needs to coordinate.
It has big claws, especially compared to the size of this animal, which makes it hard to walk on a tough surface.


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