The Planets Funniest Animals

While this show is not being aired anymore but when we talk about funny shows this one is sure to be one of the favourite ones in your list. Like the AFHV show this show specifically shows videos of animals. For those of you have pets would relate to the quiet often funny things that our pets do, the only thing we don’t capture them. On this show, you will get to see only animal videos doing funny things. What makes you laugh are the funny yet innocent expression that the pets would make.

On the show, you will see the funny videos along with humorous commentary of the host of the show. From dogs to giraffes you get to see them all. This show is sure to make your day with loads of laughter dose.

While not being aired anymore, some channels may still have it or better still you could you tube the show. Pick and choose any video and be assured of a high laughter dose. You can also purchase the show on amazon. These 30 minutes show apart from the videos also has a section that is “Ani- mail”. In this section, the host of the show reads out letters from the viewers and sometimes replies by showing a video in return. Another section in the show is “Animals in the news”, this section will show the recent news in which the animals have been in the news, usually there are pics along with the news.


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