The Strangest Fish Pet Pacu

The world has some of the rarest kinds of animals and their species are strange. Some of these species are even unknown to many. One such strange animal is Pacu fish. This is a common name for several species of fish and is related to the family of Pirhanas. These are vegetarian fishes that are found and are traditionally found in the river systems of South America. They resemble the Piranha, but are usually larger than the traditional ones. The most unusual thing about these animal species is their teeth.

They have a bizarre set of gnashers and resemble human teeth. The nature of the teeth is such that they can feed on hard things like nuts and seeds. In fact, they are often known by the name of nut cracker fish. The term is Brazilian Indian in origin. These fishes were sent to different countries, and they were labelled as Pacu.

These species of fishes can be classified in different categories. Each of the group again contains one or more separate species. The color and physical traits of the fish varies from one to another. They are often kept in the aquariums and found in the pet stores. They are found in the rivers and streams of Amazon. These fishes are also considered as exotic species in some parts of the US. On the other hand, there are some parts of the world where these fishes are consumed and are considered to be delicious, as a whole. Even the aquarium raised Pacu can be cooked and eaten.  


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