The Sun Bear Is The Smallest Species Of Bear Family

There are many strange animals that survive in this world. One of them is sun bear. The sun bear is also known as Dog bear or honey bear is the smallest species of bears. The whole body is about the size of 1 to 1.5 meters. They have a short black coat accompanied by white and golden fur around their eyes. The golden crescent around their chest looks like a sun and hence the name. They have small and rounded eyes and do not have hair.

The bear is mainly found in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. The main reason for the physical features of the bear is mainly because of the fact that it inhabited in the lowland climates. The sun bear primarily feeds on the termites, small mammals and birds. It also eats vegetables, fruits and honey. When they are kept in zoos, they are fed rice, porridge and dog biscuits.

Unfortunately, a majority of the forest habitats of the sun bear has been destroyed. Hence, their survival is greatly under threat. On the other hand, the demand for bear products also brings them under constant threat of hunting and poaching. The paws of sun bear are used in soup. They are also used in wide varieties of medical products. However, it is important to free these bears in order to enrich the habitat and population of these strange animals before they become extinct. There are funds that aim to protect and preserve the lives of these bears.  


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