There Are Some Points About Monkeys You Should Always Bear In Mind

Monkeys are always portrayed as lovable creatures full of fun and frolic. They are portrayed in movies and the common media as having properties and qualities similar to humans. This makes them all the more attractive. Charles Darwin, the naturalist, gave a theory that monkeys and humans evolved from the same ancestors.  Monkeys are believed to be the nearest relations of humans.  Their social behavior relates to humans in many ways.

For instance, monkeys always move around in groups. They are social beings, just like humans are. They need society and groups of fellow monkeys to feel secure and fulfill their other needs, just as humans do.

Monkeys yawn too just as humans do, but their yawning action signifies a bit different things. Like our yawning signifies we are sleepy, but monkeys yawn when they are tired or they don't appreciate of something. It is best to leave a yawning monkey alone.

Monkeys can create a lot of noises. Their yell can be heard as far off as 10 miles off. This is in stark comparison to human behavior.

Monkeys have a remarkable ability to hold on to objects with their hands and even their feet. They can use their tails as an arm as well to hold tightly to something.  The dexterity of the tail provides them wonderful ability to glide across the jungle canopy between the trees.

Monkeys are fond of grooming their fellow monkeys. They are skilled in picking out fleas and other pests from the furs of their fellow monkeys. This is also a form of displaying their affection for each other or a sign of peace among monkeys.


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