Three animal heroes that have received medals

Medals are not only awarded to human beings; animals are also awarded with medals for many reasons. Sometimes, the government of a country bestows medals and sometimes, these medals are given by international organizations to animals for exemplary behaviour. Here are a few animals who have received medals:


Paddy is a pigeon who was the fastest flyer of all the pigeons used during WWII. He performed military duty and transported army intelligence and news to England. He has been the only bird in Ireland who received a medal for his bravery. He flew more than 220 miles in 4 hours and forty five minutes.

Indian Jet:

Jet is an Indian dog who won a medal for outstanding service and bravery. During the Second World War, he rescued more than 145 people who were buried under buildings. He was well- known all over India because of his public services and all the people he helped find.

Lucca3 legged military dog (Lucca):

In the United States, a three legged dog was awarded a war medal because of his bravery. The name of the dog was Lucca and he was only 12 years old. All the press releases showed that Lucca had served the military in Afghanistan for 6 years and he completed more than 400 missions. His specialty was finding Identified Explosive Devices (IEDs). On his last mission, he was wounded and lost his leg. He is retired now and lives a very comfortable and happy life.



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