Three dogs used for hunting

Dogs are fascinating creatures, and for many reasons people believe that they are human’s best friend. You can get a calm dog, a very lively one or one that was specially breeded to satisfy a certain need. There are many dogs used for hunting and all of them can be a perfect partner for you. These are the most popular ones:

  • Scent hounds - They are not only big, agile and fast but they also have an incredible sense of smell. The hounds are always ready to take on a new challenge, but at the same time they can be great family friends. However, if you want to keep them as a pet, make sure that you do not have cats running around the house; the hounds won’t be so happy about this.
  • English Setter - The setters are not only extremely beautiful, but also extremely good at hunting birds. They have a natural instinct to flush birds and sit on point and at a command will retrieve the bird. They are devoted to their owners and form an indestructible team with the hunter. The Setters are preferred for families with children as they one of the most sociable, loving and friendly dogs.
  • Lakeland Terrier – This terrier originated in England where they were bred to hunt vermin and foxes. Due to their small size, they were able to “go to ground” on command and not only hunt their prey, but kill them. Nowadays, most of them are no longer used for hunting anymore, but as a great pet. They love children and love to run and play. They are easy to train but must know who the master is or they become somewhat possessive.  This terrier will be very happy living with a family, but he will still chase almost every dog due to his instincts.

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