Turtle as a pet

Maybe some of you will remember the famous cartoon " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles " which was really popular back then.

Ever since, turtles have become really popular and loved among younger people, especially children.

So if you want to have a turtle as a pet, you need to reconsider that decision.

When you look at these cute creatures, you would never think they can be dangerous. In fact like all wildlife reptiles, who belong in their natural habitats, turtles can transmit disease.

First we can think of is Salmonella, and it is not a bacteria you can only when you are eating bad food, or eating with your dirty hands, it is also something that turtles along with other reptiles carry.

They can easily transmit Salmonella to you and to your children, and just because turtles seem so sweet and harmless, that doesn't mean they won't harm you.

For example in the United States selling small turtles is illegal, because they are not a safe pet for you and your children.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they see a turtle as a low maintenance pet, which is a huge mistake, because the reality is totally different. They need a special care and a lot of room to grow.

They need a certain temperature, space, water filtration system, and that is what you should provide for them, if you want to keep them as a pet. Turtles keep on dying because they don't live in adequate conditions.


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