What is a Pileated Gibbon

Pileated gibbon is a gibbon that hails from the family of Hylobatidae. They are essentially primates. The scientific name of the animal is Hylobates pileatus.  These cute little creatures are found in various areas of South East Asia. They have been native to the areas in Eastern Thailand, southwest Laos and western Cambodia. They are peaceful animals with a lifestyle like the other gibbons. The primary nature of their lifestyle is being arboreal and diurnal. They seem to be living together as a pair that is monogamous.

The unique feature of these animals is that they exhibit sexual dimorphism in the colors of their fur. The males have essentially a dark fur that is purely black in color. The females on the other hand have two types of color in their fur coat. They have gray colored fur in the belly area, whereas the color of their head is black. However, both the genders seem to have a hair ring, which is often shaggy but white, around their heads.

They inhabit generally in the trees and brachiate through them with the aid of their long arms. They are omnivorous in their food habits. Their general diet consists of leaves and fruits. Sometimes small animals also fill up their stomachs. These gibbons happen to be one of the most endangered primates in the world. The Cambodian Government along with a non-profit organization named Wildlife Alliance is conducting several programs and operations in order to save them from further harm.


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