What to do if you found a lost, stray or injured animal

The first thing that comes to our mind when we find a suffering soul is to help it. You might call it good intentions or just instinct, but fixing something and making it good is in human nature. Due to the many differences that separate humans from animals, the best way to be prepared for any kind of situation is, as always, to do some research. If you crossed ways with an injured cat or dog, the best way to help is to quickly get it to the closest vet cabinet.

If that is not the case and the animal is healthy, then you should just contact your local council and ask for the animal to be put through to the 'animal management' or 'local news' section. If you don't know how, then internet is here to help. Simply search for the key words and your questions will be answered. Furthermore, your council will offer you more information on what to do next. For example, you will be advised whether or not you should take the animal to a shelter or patiently wait for them to collect the lost cat or dog. You will most certainly be asked to check the animal for any information that could be written on a collar or registration tag. The Council might be able to also detect and read a microchip. If so, the owner will shortly be notified. In most cases, the animal has no owner. From here, you have two options. You can adopt it yourself or you can help it be safely placed in a shelter.


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