Why should/shouldn’t you keep a pet

Getting a pet is always a dilemma. If you’re a kid, your parents seldom give you the permission to get a pet dog. It is not a simple choice. A pet is like a new member of your family. It requires extra care and training. You have to frequently visit a vet. You also have to ensure your house is clean and hygienic for the benefit of your other family members. Bringing a pet to your house means initially your house will get dirty quite a lot. After all, it’s an animal you’re getting, not a human. You’ll need to train your pet even more so than you have to with a baby. You’ll also have to make regular routines that would help your furry friend adjust better. And even after all the preparation, you’ll still have to adjust as you never know whether the pet you’re going to get is playful or naughty or lazy in nature. You may expect one thing and end up with an entirely different creature.

While on the other hand it is amazing to get a pet dog or a kitten or even a rabbit because they become your companion. If you don’t have a lot of friends, a furry one would make for an amazing, time consuming and adorable friend. if you’re a parent, getting a pet for your child would help the child grow happily. It would also teach your kid to take care of the tiny animal that accompanies him/her everywhere. It’ll help introduce a sense of responsibility. These aspects should be kept it mind but there’s one very important point that is the hardest of all. Any pet animal that you get would have a short lifespan. Shorter by a lot of years when it comes to a human’s life span. So when you do get a pet dog, remember you would have to bear losing it one day too. You’ll know loss but you’ll also be loved unconditionally by your pet. More than you’d be loved by a person probably.


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