Zebroids in a nutshell

An offspring which is born as a cross breed between a zebra along with any equine animal like horse, donkey, etc. is technically known by the name of zebroids. They have some other names as well like zorse, zedonk, zebrule, zonkey and many more. When a donkey sire has an offspring with a zebra dam, it is either known by the name of donkra or zebra hinny. Their breeding has been started till 19th century. The notable naturalist Charles Darwin has many of his works based upon these zebra hybrids.
The zebroids like any other equine hybrids are generally sterile. There is no specific region in the world where such hybrids occur, since they can be bred all over the world at any conditions. It is therefore, they do not have any particular area of origin as well. The hybrids have characteristics of both the zebra along with non-zebra parents. They are stripped but not on their entire body but selectively. They areas that are generally striped include either on the dorsal or on the ventral side but not both.
The zorses, another form of hybrid, have striped limited to the head and neck region. The other areas of their body consist of solid colors since the non-zebra parents have uniform color. This combination of striped and solid colors creates and interesting pattern. These hybrids do not have much commercial use. They have been used for either merriment or for research purposes. Nevertheless, they offer a great sight to behold.


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