All About Butterfly

Butterflies create a positive impression for their colorful and good look. People have very limited knowledge about this tiny creature. There are different types of butterflies and most of them are limited to certain places only.  And before coming to this beautiful form, a butterfly goes through three different stages. Even the live periods of all butterflies are not same. Some live for a month and some for a year.
Four Stages of Butterfly
Butterfly faces different phases to take its final form. Here are the four stages of butterflies
•    Eggs:  egg is the initial stage.  The size of this egg is very small and is highly noticeable. They are laid on the leaves of  plants
•    Larva: this is the second stage and the butterfly remains in this stage for a temporary period. And the only activity of this stage  is eating  that is for  the enlargement of body and the available food is  leaf only
•    Pupa: this is the third and most important stage. In this stage the butterfly protects herself in a self-made protective shield. It gives the impression of resting but in reality it is the final stage, the stage of transformation
•    Adult:  in this stage a tiny beautiful creature comes out from that protective shield
Types of Butterflies
Butterflies are available in different types. In fact they are available in 35,000 species with different colors and natures. Butter flies can survive in any climate but unable to fly in extremely cold weather.

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