Butterflies celebrate lives of people who are gone

We’ve already talked about butterflies and their meaning, which shows us that these beautiful creatures do not have one purpose, but so many according to some studies and ancient beliefs.

Some people believe that when we die, our soul transforms into a beautiful butterfly, because in a way they do present a transformation.
And it is truly amazing to believe that people who we lost have become these amazing, magical creatures.
That’s why people from Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice have decided to celebrate the lives of people who are unfortunately gone.
They don’t think that it is necessary to have sad event, because it is already sad enough knowing that someone you love has left this world.
That’s why they decided to celebrate the lives of people who are gone, and simply to show us how life is actually precious.
This ceremony took place in Milford and ten out of fifteen celebrations have been exactly in this place.

At the Memorial Park they played music and gave couple of speeches and when they finished with it, they released the butterflies and read out aloud the names of people who died. 
Volunteers and staff are doing these things and what is amazing about this event is that it doesn’t seem sad and depressive at all, which is extremely important for the ones who’ve lost someone.

When it comes to butterflies, they are usually very confused in the beginning, so it will take some time for them to start flying.
When that happens it is important for everyone who is there to give them enough room so that they can feel free to fly.



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