Butterfly: Types and Differences

Butterflies are many in numbers and are found all over the world.  And they are too many types to be counted and to be specified in one category. Though they look similar with some minor difference but they belong to different species and around 3500 species are there. Some are available worldwide and some restricted to certain places only. Names of some common types of butterflies are given below.
Types of Butterflies
•    Garden Tiger Moth: this type of butterfly is mostly available in Europe and Asian countries. This butterfly looks great with long black hairs on her top.
•    Julia:  Julia looks attractive with the combination of yellow and orange color. And this butterfly is seen in South and Central America.  
•    Swallowtail: Swallowtail butterfly is remarkable for her long size. Swallowtail is available in different colors but the common color is black with the combination of yellow, white, blue
•    Postman Butterfly: this butterfly is different and poisonous. The color of this butterfly is brown with orange spots. And this one is found in Brazil and Central America.
•    Summer Azure Butterfly: this butterfly looks very beautiful and the small size makes her look fantastic. This butterfly’s color is light blue and this one is found in eastern North America.
•    Monarch Butterfly: this one is poisonous and is available worldwide. The color of this butterfly is brown.
Butterflies are one of the beautiful creatures of the god.  Their presence enhances the beauty of nature and makes it look more beautiful.


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