Butterfly Wedding Invitations

It is so popular to have a wedding theme for your wedding as it really helps during the planning to bring everything together and to have a lovely flow throughout the whole day. You should be sure of the theme before you consider making or buying your wedding invitations so you can really look at the choices available to you. There are so many different themes available when looking at wedding stationery from Butterfly or Vintage themes to Snowflakes or Pearls.

A butterfly theme has been popular over recent years for spring and summer weddings as it can look so delicate and elegant and can give a really romantic feel to a wedding. Butterfly wedding invitations are usually available in a good choice of colors and as it is a popular theme for couples there are many companies selling butterfly themed accessories to bring everything together.

Due to the popularity of butterfly wedding stationery most handmade companies provide a choice of butterfly wedding invitations. Feather butterfly invites are popular with couples as they look life like and really delicate, but depending on your taste there are other decorations and techniques available to form butterfly wedding invitations. There are many designs using large glitter butterflies, or die cut designs with diamante trails. If you are after something more subtle then there are wedding invitations with crystal butterflies available to ooze luxury or printed designs finished off with ribbon to give a more delicate effect.

Once you have chosen the butterfly wedding invitation you would like, you then need to choose the invitation style you wish to have. Most stationery companies offer Pocket, Wallet, Folded or Flat, Postcard wedding invitations.


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