Cabbage White butterfly

Maybe you don’t know much about this butterfly, but one thing is sure, it looks beautiful, with that combination of white and little bit of black, you would think like someone had drawn it. 
What is interesting about this butterfly is that many people confuse it with the moth, which may seem from the distance, but if you take a closer look, you will see that Cabbage White is much more exotic.

Unfortunately a lot of butterfly species are on the verge of extinction, but luckily these butterflies aren't. Due to the constant migration their population is increasing.
We can find two kinds of Cabbage White, one of them are smaller and they live in Asia, Europe and North Africa, and you can sometimes find them in Canada, Mexico and United States.
And then you have larger ones which you can find also in Europe, North Africa and Asia, and sometimes in the Himalayan Ranges.
Smaller ones have small, black dots, and females have a black spot at the center of the wings.

When it comes to larger ones females also have that block spot at the center. Larger ones have usually wingspan between 5 cm and 6.5 cm, while the smaller ones have between 32 mm and 47 mm.
You can assume that these butterflies ( the smaller ones ) love to eat cabbage an nasturtium, while the bigger ones love to eat wild cabbage and hoary cress.
Most of us know that butterflies in general don’t live long, but when it comes to this specie people do not know their life span.




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