Common blue

Polyommatus Icarus, or common blue, is a butterfly from the family Lycaenidae. They have lilac blue upper sides and a thick black border. On the other side, females are brown with some red dots and blue, at the wing base. Female from Ireland and Scotland may have blue upperside, but red dots are always present. Underside is simply grey, for males and a brownish on females. Both genders have a red dots on their hindwings. Black centered white spots, can be seen on hindwings as well, and 9 of them are usually on forewings.

This is the most widespread butterfly in Britain, and Europe! It can be seen from the Outer Hebrides to the far north ad Orkney. Males are very territorial, and they will defend their territory while they are searching for reclusive females. This butterfly can be found in any grassland habitat, coastal dunes, meadows and any habitat made by men! Their main food plants are: Bird's foot trefoil, Medicago lupulina and white clover.

Although this butterfly can be found in Europe, a few years ago, an amateur entomologist, Ara Sarafian, discovered it in Mirabel, Quebec. He observed butterflies from 2005-2008 in this area. After contacting the Canadian National Collection of Insects, they determined that this butterfly is P. Icarus! It is a new butterfly to North America and Canada. Although the explanation how this butterfly come to Canada is unknown (some experts claim that people transferred it) their population is growing every year. According to Canadian National Collection of Insects, there’s no reason for reacting, because this butterfly isn’t harmful for the Canadian ecosystem.


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