Fun Things To Do With Butterflies

Children of all ages love butterflies. The world is becoming so advanced that teachers in preschool and kindergarten are training kids for third and fourth grade. Thus, most teachers have forgotten the great feeling of teaching children about nature. Certain teachers, however, are bringing nature back into the classroom.

They are doing this by creating activities with the children concerning butterflies. Children can relate to butterflies on many levels, and they do not have to worry about butterflies hurting them. The first fun thing would be to create a garden around the school area dedicated butterflies. The two ways to create this garden would be by growing plants from nectar and by growing fruit. Butterflies are highly attracted to the colorful flowers produced when nectar is planted in the ground.

They are also attracted to fruit, too. Whether nectar or fruit, it is important to make sure these items are grown in a sunny spot. The sunnier the area mean the quicker the butterflies will appear. In this scenario, children get to learn about butterflies as well as plants and other parts of nature. Another fun thing to do with butterflies is to create songs based on butterfly facts and have children draw pictures of butterflies. This is also a scenario where children are given a lot of knowledge.

They learn about butterflies, art, and music. The more knowledge the better; that is what should be thought of in ever lesson, regardless of the subject. Children want to learn, but they need someone to teach them.



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