How long do butterflies live

You can often hear that butterflies live for only one day, but is this really true, or some of them do actually live that short, while some of them are " lucky " enough to live longer ?

How long they live depends on many things, and varies pretty much. It mostly depends on their size, where they lie, the species of the butterflies and when they become adults.

If a butterfly is small, he will probably  live short, but in case he is bigger, he will probably live longer.

Size does matter, but it is not the only factor of how long they will live, but in a certain way it does attribute to it.

The average span of a butterfly is usually about one month, but in most cases the smallest butterflies will, unfortunately, live about one week. Those are the ones you usually see on the flowers in your front yard.

For example, Mourning Cloaks and Monarchs have an average life span of about eight to nine months.

Also one of the most important factors when it comes to their life span is a climate. If the butterfly egg has been laid before the cold winter arrives, the egg will stay in the same egg form until the winter is gone, and the weather is warm.

As soon as that happens the caterpillar will hatch. In another case where the butterfly is already an adult, and the cold weather is already there, and they didn't have time to migrate, they will hide somewhere until it is warm again.

So winter is actually a big influence on their life span, and if they manage to hide and find a shelter from it, they will live for many months.



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