Life cycle of a Butterfly

A butterfly goes through three phases of life to reach the adult and final stage. Each stage has a different role. There are different types of butterflies and the living period of a butterfly varies from one month to one year that depends on their origin and type.
Four Stages of a butterfly
•    Egg: life of a butterfly starts with a tiny, round or oval egg and that is too small to be recognized. Eggs of a butterfly are usually found on the leaves of plants. The small size makes it almost unnoticeable.
•    Larva:  lava is the second stage that is also called caterpillar. This stage is for a temporary period and eating is the only activity a butterfly does in this stage. Caterpillar is very small in size and the frequent eating helps her to grow in size and the only food she eats is the leaf on where she was born.
•    Pupa: after achieving her full length, caterpillar takes a different form that is known as pupa or chrysalis. In this form butterfly covers herself with some kind of protection. From outside it seems that she is resting but in reality she is transforming. Caterpillar is tiny and looks different without any wing. But in this information a totally different and beautiful creature comes out.
•    Adult: adult stage is the fourth and final stage. And in this stage a tiny, beautiful and colored creature comes out of the pupa and this creature is called butterfly.


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