Monarch butterfly

The butterfly "monarch" is very threatened, and the main reason is the illegal felling of trees in Mexico, which is their shelter, but also due to a climate change.

Every November monarch butterflies have a 4500 km long journey. It is from Canada or USA to Mexico.
Their goal is to get to Mexico so they could stay there during cold, winter time.

Their two-month trip is the second largest migration of insects. During their last migration, it was discovered that their number this year was the lowest in 20 years ( it takes that much to count them ).
Population reduction occurs because of the food shortages during migration of butterflies. This is happening because of the herbicides that is used to destroy plants, which butterflies eat while they are on their way to USA.

They also encounter a lot of other, extremely dangerous problems for them, such as storms, thunder, and also much higher temperatures than they are used to.
Butterfly migration is an inherited trait. Since none of them live long enough to perform the trip in both directions, it is not clear how they remember the path to the same part of the forest every year. It is a long journey thousands of kilometers and leads to the Mexican forest-reserve of 56,000 hectares.

What is in our hands is to warn people about this problem and do the best we can to prevent their extermination. Statistics are not good when it comes to them. Every year there are less monarch, than the year before, so we need to find the best solution to stop that.

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