This specie, biologically known as Nymphalis Antiopa, has got a very unique color and pattern. It has got different names in different countries. For example, it is known as Mourning Cloak in Northern part of USA and Camberwell beauty in Great Britain. This butterfly is a native species in Eurasia. Sometimes, the immature form Mourning Cloak butterfly is called by the name of spiny elm caterpillar. It has got powerful wings thus making it a powerful flier and can be discovered in areas which are quite far from their usual range.

Butterflies usually don’t have a long life-span but this particular kind in butterfly has a life-span of eleven to twelve months. It got the title of state insect in 2001 because it became the state insect of Montana, the place where many hot cowboy romance novels are based. Its name has got various names in various languages but when translated, it means almost the same. The British version of name has a short story behind. The name was given to the butterfly because the name originated from the discovery of two butterfly enthusiasts in Camberwell in the month of August in the year of 1748. It is believed that, these two guys were stowaway on ships bringing timber from a place called Scandinavia.

These butterflies are not that uncommon because they are found in many parts of the world like, in Northern Eurasia, Mexico and Northern part of America. They are not often sighted in Florida or the southern part of USA.



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