Mystery of life, butterflies hold the answer

When you take a look at the butterflies, you can obviously notice their enchanting and magical appearance and people often see them as symbol of so many things.
They see them as the symbol of purity and transformation and sometimes even as a sin and death, but now scientists are trying to discover their purpose when it comes to our planet.
In the past butterflies were one of the biggest inspirations to poets, artists, musicians and other authors.

Some people think of them as hope and a sign of something good, and then you have spiritual ones who claim that when we die we become a butterfly, because their being is pure like our soul.

Then we have ancient Greeks who thought that butterflies answer many questions and that they can tell us a lot about our lives and our purpose on this earth.
When you find a less colorful butterfly, someone who knows a lot about them will tell you that they present our fears. Maybe not literally, but in the past many artists think of them in that way.

Today we can learn a lot from them, because if we just sit and take a good look at them, we will be able to notice so many things.
For example things that are happening to butterflies are like a reflection when it comes to our lives and our planet, because a lot of them are dying because of climate change and other changes that are affecting our planet, which is like a sign for humans to change or prevent something.



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