Some Unique Facts about Butterflies

Butterflies are considered the most beautiful creatures in the world of insects and have been drawing the attention of scientists for quite some time now. Their fragility and vulnerability have made them objects of study of nature experts down the ages. The following are some really interesting facts associated with butterflies.

The State of a Caterpillar prior to Metamorphosis

Butterflies are caterpillars before they transition into their actual form. A slow creepy crawling insect is what these beautiful creatures are before they undergo the process of metamorphosis. Such a process is known to be very slow and gradual and can take a good number of weeks. The wings are known to develop in the final stage of metamorphosis giving the butterfly its true characteristics.

The Shortest Life Span

Butterflies have a very short life span and do not live for longer than three or four days. They are easily prone to death if taken near a burning light or flame. The irony lies in the fact that butterflies and moths are terribly attracted to bright light and wish to be near it.

Found in the Green Open Spaces

Butterflies are generally found in open spaces usually where there is a lot of greenery. Butterflies feed on the nectar that is contained in flowers.

Catching Butterflies is a Popular Pastime in Many Different Countries of the World

To catch butterflies with special nets is a common pastime among nature experts in tropical destinations. To be able to catch a butterfly it needs to be a sunny day.

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