The beautiful creation of the God

Butterfly is one of the beautiful creatures of God. This small creature looks beautiful and attractive with her tiny wings that are decorated with different colors. But before taking this final beautiful form butterfly goes through three stages those are totally different. People know little about butterfly except her admirable look.
Here are some facts about butterfly
•    Butterflies can survive in all climates
•    Wings of butterfly is transparent
•    Some butterflies are poisonous
•    35,000 species of butterfly are available all over the world
•    Butterflies eat only liquid food
•    Butterflies cannot fly in the cold environment and in the initial stage of their life
•    Butterflies eye sight is restricted but they can distinguish and recognize color
•    Butter flies live from one month to one year depending on the type
•    Butterflies try different methods not to be caught or eaten
Some superstitions are also linked with butterflies
•    The presence of white butterfly  is considered auspicious that brings fortune and happiness in family
•    The yellow butterfly is the sign of early marriage
•    The pupa is the symbol of the protection
•    If you see a black butterfly around that gives the indication of the death of some close relative
•    A dead butterfly is considered very inauspicious. It is believed that the soul of a dead butterfly can enter into a body of a sleeping person and can make him dead


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